FeiyuTech a2000 a1000 Dual Handheld Set, for a1000 a2000 Gimbal [ NOT the Gimbal Body ]

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DETACHABLE HANDLE: FeiyuTech a2000 Optional Dual Handle System allows you to use your a2000 with two hands.Please note that this is a dual handle set, the gimbal body is not included.
FUNCTION BUTTON: These lightweight handles offer joystick and menu controls built into the hand grip, making it easy for you to change shooting modes.
EASY CARRYING: The hand grips are neatly wrapped with anti-slip material that allows a firm grip at all times. The Feiyutech a2000 handles are also able to fold in half for easy storage.
RICH EXPANDABILITY: There is a total of 9 1/4-20 mounting points that open up a world of possibilities when mounting your monitor, light, microphone or anything else you may need on your Feiyutech setup.
12 HOURS LONG WORKING TIME: The dual handle sit can install 4 batteries, with an estimated battery life of 12 hours sure to get all of the shots you need.