Nerf Super Soaker Scatterblast Blaster

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High quality toys for children all ages
Made using safe materials
Tested for quality and durability
Pump-handle Scatterblast water blaster delivers 5 streams of water at once
Soak your target to the max with the blaster's 22-ounce capacity
Flip-up sight
Water blaster sends streams up to 34 feet away
Includes blaster


Get ready for 5-times the soaking action with the Scatterblast Blaster! This blaster's powerful pump-fire action and 5-nozzle blast let you launch 5 streams of water at your target! It can hold up to 22 ounces of water and you can use the flip-up sight to perfect your aim. Line up your shot, then slide the pump handle forward and pull it back to unleash a scatter-spray attack at unsuspecting opponents up to 34 feet away! Nerf and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.