FeiyuTech a2000 3-Axis DSLR Camera Gimbal, Dual Handheld KIT, Upgrade version, Payload Upgrade to 250-2500g, Compatible with NIKON/SONY/CANON Series Camera and lens, with Case & 32 GB SD Card

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PROFESSIONAL SIMPLICITY: The innovative anti-shake technology means easy stabilization - like using a sliding rail. Simple and quick operation means everyone can emulate their hero photographer
2.5 KILOGRAM PAYLOAD: 2018 upgrade version, paylaod up to 2.5 KG. Please download the new firmware from Official website
EASY CAMERA BALANCING: The user-friendly damping sliding arm makes balance adjustment convenient and easy, ensuring the a2000 achieves accurate balance even with various cameras of different weights.
ONE SHUTTER BUTTON: A built-in shutter cable connects the camera and gimbal and controls the shutter and zoom buttons. It can also be set for automatic shooting and time-lapse photography using the Feiyu ON APP.
(KIT) DETACHABLE HANDLE: The design of the dismountable main body and handle allows for future extension accessories. And it's easy to change from single to dual handheld model to suit your different needs.


Auto-Rotation and Automatic Shutter
The a2000 can follow a planned rotation route that has been set manually. Auto-rotation and automatic shutter functions make complicated time-lapse photography easier and more fun.

Innovative Optimization Algorithm
Innovative and high-performance chips make the gimbal work perfectly. The torque of the motor is strong and a new optimization algorithm saves redundant power. The motor automatically detects the weight of different cameras and matches with them, without the need to adjustment motor strength.

The detectable handle has 1/4-inch screws that are compatible with external accessories that use 1/4 thread, such as microphones. It's also compatible with cold shoe mount adapter with LED fill light / flash light/soft light and other lightings to provide flexible supplementary light supplement and broaden scene application of low light.

Integrated with 4-way joystick control technology, the function button can adjust axis in all directions. The trigger button allows you to quickly enable lock mode or reset the gimbal.

Equipped with two powerful 18650 lion batteries, the a2000 can run for 10 hours.