CC Buck Converter, DROK DC-DC Constant Current & Voltage Regulator Board 5V-36V 24V to 1.25V-32V 17V 12V 5V Step Down Transformer 5A 75W High Power LED CC Driver Module Battery Charge for Solar Panels

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DROK buck converter input voltage range is DC 5V-36V, output voltage range is DC 1.25V-32V continuously adjustable, default output 17V, max output current is 5A(please use it within 4.5A).
Equipped with Multimeter: the voltage regulator module is with voltmeter/ammeter/power meter, can be directly used without external multimeter.
Application: our buck converter with over current protect function; battery charger for solar panels, wind driven generator.; high power LED constant current driver module.
With USB Port: the step down converter is with USB port, can be used to charge for digital products.(Note: USB output voltage is the same as the module voltage output, please check before using.)
Constant Current & Constant Voltage Mode: the reducer module is with two kinds of mode: constant current and constant voltage, the indicator light will indicate which mode it is under.


Input voltage : 5-36V (the input voltage should at least 1.5V higher than the output voltage)
Output voltage :1.25-32V (continuously adjustable,default output 17V.)
Output Current : 5A MAX(Please use it within 4.5A)
Output Power: Max 75W (Please use it within 50W. if the pressure difference is big,please reduce power)
Operating temperature: -40 to +85 C
Operating frequency: 180KHz
Conversion efficiency : up to 96%
Short circuit protection: Yes
Overtemperature protection: (automatically shut off the output after overtemperature)
Input reverse polarity protection: No, (if necessary, please in input
String into high current diode)
Installation: 4pcs 3mm screws
Wiring:(solder terminals) V-IN is the input, V-OUT is the output

1. Use as an ordinary buck module with overcurrent protection capabilities;
2. Use as a battery charger;
3. Use it as a constant current LED driver module.

1. If the module can not be adjusted, the output voltage is always equal to the input voltage." When you encounter this problem, please counterclockwise rotation of the potentiometer 10 laps or more, then you can adjust the output voltage. Because the factory default output voltage is 17V.
2.Module output terminal string has a current sampling resistor, there will be 0-0.2V voltage drop after connected to the load, it is a normal phenomenon.
3.If its output is more than 3A/35W, please enhance heat dissipation!

4.This DC converter is single output, the output voltage of the USB port is the same as the output voltage of the module, if your load is USB device, please make sure the module's output voltage is set at 5V.

Package include:
1 x Buck Converter